Lozza play UI

Play black or white against Lozza.


No proper time controls. Lozza takes N seconds to move as specified by you in the text field above the board. The default is 1 second. You can change the value at any time during the game.

Optional URL parameters


Hide Lozza’s workings other than announcements of mate and the info above the board.


You play black. Default is you play white.


Lozza uses specified number of seconds to make her moves. Default is 1. For example to play at 10 seconds per move and you play black use:-



Use the specified FEN string to start the game from. The default is the standard start position.


Lozza uses the UCI go command to make her move rather than the fixed time. For example to ask Lozza to search to a depth of 2 ply only use:-

http://op12no2.me/toys/lozzadev/play.htm?m=go depth 2

Another example, to ask Lozza to make her move after searching 100000 nodes, use:-

http://op12no2.me/toys/lozzadev/play.htm?m=go nodes 100000

This can also be used to play with a fixed move time of less than 1 second, for example to make Lozza move after 200ms use:-

http://op12no2.me/toys/lozzadev/play.htm?m=go movetime 200