Born in 2001, Sailwave is my sailing scoring application. It is used at all levels of the sport, from club racing to world championships.

Very early versions were a traditional database structure.  It was a friend Chris Solley that suggested a more spreadsheet-like approach.

During early development ISAF International Judge Eddie Ramsden was very helpful with rules interpretation.

Mumbles Yacht Club (my home club) was the first adoptee.

Mark Jardine of Yachts and Yachting supported Sailwave from the very early days in many ways including distributing Sailwave CDs at the Dinghy Show, a dedicated section for Sailwave in their forums and an early entry in their online store.

In April 2001 Simon Smith set up a Yahoo group called the Sailwave User Group (SUG).  It’s still going strong today.

In 2007 Sailwave was used at the Qingdao Olympic Test Event in China.  A chinese locale (user interface translation) has been available since then.

Speaking of locales, the English user interface has been translated by users into German, Italian, Polish, Danish, Chinese, Swedish, Romanian and Norwegian.

In 2012 the Welsh Yachting Association presented me with an Outstanding Contribution Award.

Due to illness, in 2012 Jon Eskdale took over the majority of development.

Also in 2012 Huw Pearce started looking after the Sailwave facebook page and now handles a large fraction of the SUG questions.  He also uses Sailwave to score events all over the world.

In 2013 I was awarded the Royal Yachting Association National Award having been proposed by Alyson Nicholson of Mumbles Yacht Club (with encouragement from Eddie Ramsden).

Between 2001 and 2012 my pub conversation was pretty much Sailwave based, so thanks very much to my family and friends for putting up with me, especially Sheena, Ben, Laura, Simon, Martin, Mark, Dave, Chris 🙂

Sailwave will always be free of charge to the sailing community.

Dart 18 Euros
Dart 18 Euros
Tony and Jo
Me and Chris O at the Dart Worlds
Me and ChrisO at the Dart Worlds
Martin and Bryn at the 2011 Olympic test event.
Shirley and Sailwave 🙂
Tony and Jo
My F18
Tony and Jo