Using Lozza offline

Command line, Winboard, Arena etc.

Lozza needs a Javascript engine to live in.  Usually this is supplied by a web browser, but other applications also embed Javascript engines, the most common and flexible being an application called node.js, allowing you to execute Javascript outside of your browser. node.js is available for most operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Apple.

Download and install node.js (if you get a choice of engines choose google Chrome V8).  node.js adds itself to your path and this is assumed in the example commands below.

Download Lozza from:-

Save into a folder of your choice.

To use from the command line do something like:-

cd lozza folder
node lozza.js

If that fails maybe node is not in your path, so either use an absolute directory to address node or tweak your path.

To use in a chess UI like Arena or WInboard, use node.exe (etc) as the chess engine and lozza.js as a command line parameter.

To enter a Javascript engine into HG Muller’s monthly chess tourney. First ask him for a user name and password and install Winboard. Then connect with something like this from the winboard directory itself:-

winboard -zp -zippyGameEnd "say Thanks for the game." -ics -icshost -icshelper timeseal -fcp "c:\nodejs\node.exe c:\lozza\lozza.js" -fd . -autoKibitz -fUCI -keepAlive 4 -firstXBook